About Us

Tikab offers an integrated variety of software-related services, enterprise applications and management technologies to facilitate business operations and help organizations with their digital transformation.
As an innovative technology and software corporation, our main purpose is to meet the unique demands and challenges of modern businesses. Moreover, we have a focus on providing expert solutions to those customers whose needs have been always neglected; it’s what drives our company’s success and what we truly believe.


Our Mission

We are determined to change the way businesses run by connecting them with technology.

We have the same goal which all successful businesses are endeavoring to achieve. “Becoming an industry leader”. But how are we then unique?!
In fulfilling our mission, we spare no effort to bring the customers a distinctive digital experience.
We never give up, we overcome the barriers, we continue when others stop.

The 8 Tikab Values

It was hard in the beginning, June 2010, to set boundaries for our small business. But as the company got bigger, and by experiencing more complications of running a business, we felt the need to maintain our core values and define our beliefs. These values provide insight into who we are. For us, values are necessary as we want to stay completely focused on achieving our goals, Tikabers’ goals.

1. Committed to quality and reliability

  • Keep the quality of services high to make your customers satisfied and loyal.
  • Your products and services should perfectly meet the customers’ expectations.
  • Manage your commitments according to their priority.

2. Embracing innovation and creativity

  • Find innovative ways to improve productivity and remain competitive in business.
  • Think out-of-box to adapt your product or service to the way your marketplace is changing.
  • Don’t imitate; bring creativity and innovation to what you are doing.

3. Performing with transparency

  • Transparency forces you to be more thoughtful and precise in the decisions you make.
  • Express yourself with honesty, and share both your successes and failures.
  • This value enables others to see easily what actions you are taking.

4. Seeking positivity

  • Having a positive perspective makes you feel confident and perform at your best.
  • Instead of complaining, show gratitude and look on the bright side of life.
  • A positive attitude leads to success and happiness; Choose to be happy

5. Fulfilling responsibilities

  • Do what is the best for your business and customers in the long-term.
  • Be fair and avoid, or minimize, any harm to employees, customers, environment, etc.
  • Adopt your processes carefully and be aware of all the potential consequences.

6. Thinking and dreaming big

  • Positive self-pressure results in a constructive growth; believe in yourself.
  • No goal is too challenging if you are determined to achieve it.
  • Keep your vision for the future untouched and set out to take big steps against all odds.

7. Striving for self-improvement

  • Enhance your current level of happiness and productivity constantly.
  • Always expect from yourself and your ability.
  • Practice different activities and develop positive habits.

8. Respecting teamwork

  • Teamwork encourages healthy risk-taking behaviors among team members
  • Everything is done with an excellent quality through the combined effort of a group.
  • The distribution of tasks results in completing them faster and more efficiently.

Working at Tikab

At Tikab, our passionate team develops technologies to make an impact on the way people experience the world. This committed group consists of professionals who take smart steps and even go the extra mile to revolutionize business. We transform our dreams into reality by providing enterprises a wide choice of innovative software services.
Meet us and explore more about how we make the impossible possible!