Empowering innovators

We support startups and other organizations that push the boundaries of clean technology. These stakeholders are part of a trillion-dollar industry, touching virtually every part of society — from cutting-edge materials and transportation solutions to reducing emissions and cleaning up our environment.

Tikab Cleantech also helps entrepreneurs bring their products to market quickly, while making organizations and businesses more sustainable and cost-effective. We provide expert advice, and connections to talent, capital and global markets.

Our mission is not only to help create jobs and opportunity in a growing sector, but also to bring Canada’s considerable talent in cleantech to bear on some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Area of focus

Our startups develop solutions in
areas such as:


Technologies that enable sustainable farming and increased food production.

Advanced manufacturing

Technologies that help designers build better products.

Advanced materials

New materials engineered to improve existing products.


Solutions for storing, generating and distributing energy, and managing consumption.


New ways to move people and products using eco-friendly fuel and vehicles.


Solutions for water purification and wastewater management.