Transforming business

We support startups and institutions that help businesses adapt their processes, culture and customer relationships to rapidly changing markets. These brilliant minds are reimagining business models and providing tools that augment sales, streamline supply chains and better enable employees in their everyday work.

MaRS Enterprise works closely with these stakeholders, helping them grow their revenue, adopt new tech, access capital, attract the right talent and tap into international markets.

Our mission is to empower those that drive our economy by helping them harness the best of their people and processes.

Area of focus

Our startups develop solutions in
areas such as:

Business operations

Software that augments decision-making and automates back-office processes.

Employee productivity

Tools that enable everyday work and enhance employee experience.

IT infrastructure

Platforms and software improve security, maximize data, enable AI/ML capability, and support cloud management.

Sales and marketing

Technologies that enable sales and personalized customer experiences and grow brand profile.

Skills development

Novel learning platforms to inform, educate and reward employees.

Talent management

Solutions that help businesses attract, hire, and retain top talent.