Where health means business

We support companies and institutions that create health solutions with broad social impact. We help them streamline the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes, all while saving money.

Among our many services, MaRS Health helps entrepreneurs build successful companies and navigate the complex regulatory path to market. We collaborate with key stakeholders, including hospitals, governments and corporations, so that innovative solutions are delivered to those that need them most.

Our mission is simple: bolster the health economy and help people enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Area of focus

Our startups develop solutions in
areas such as:

Artificial intelligence

Using AI, machine learning and machine vision to help health providers make better decisions, as well as safer, more effective treatments.


New technologies that improve accuracy in medical diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.


Research and methodologies that accelerate the discovery and development of novel, safe and more effective medicines.

Mental health

Treatments and therapeutics that foster well-being and address substance abuse.

Precision medicine

Customized solutions and therapies that are tailored to individual patients.

Regenerative medicine

Discoveries to replace, engineer or regenerate human cells, tissues and organs.